Our History

  • 1911

    Original Site of Dudley Laundry

    This is George M. Dudley and Harry Sunderlin on 3rd...
  • 1916-1951

    George M. Dudley Era

    Years as President: 1916-1951
    George M. Dudley started his business career in Norfolk in...
  • Circa 1920s

    The Roaring Twenties

    Pictured is employee Ray Whitemore. On the vehicle to the...
  • 1924

    The Second Generation Begins

    In 1924 Darrel D. Dudley began his career working with...
  • 1926-1927

    Original Building Destroyed

    In April of 1926, the barn building that had been...
  • Circa 1928

    A New Building

    Following the devastating fire that took place in 1926, this...
  • Circa 1928-1929

    The Washroom

    Shown here is the washroom in the reconstructed Dudley Laundry...
  • Circa 1930s

    Dudley Laundry

    Photo Credit: Marilyn Pasewalk
    A photo of the Dudley Laundry building.
  • Circa 1936


    In this photo are Darrel Dudley, Al W., and Art...
  • 1936


    Servall, a textile rental company, was established by Darrel Dudley.
  • Circa early 1940s

    Art Tarr

    Pictured here is Art Tarr, a controller and share holder...
  • 1940s

    Darrel Dudley

    Here is Darrel Dudley, who would later serve as the...
  • 1940

    George M. Dudley

    Shown is Dudley Laundry founder and his first president George...
  • Spring of 1944

    A Series of Floods

    This photo, quite possibly of the flood during May 1944,...
  • 1949

    Getting Around in the Snow

    One of the delivery trucks stuck in the snow bank...
  • 1950s

    Servall Employees

    Shown in this photo are Servall employees Cecil Walters, Harry...
  • 1950

    Dudley Laundry

    Looking south down 3rd Street the summer of 1950.
  • 1950

    Dudley Laundry and Delivery Trucks

    Dudley trucks covered a 50 mile radius around Norfolk delivering...
  • Circa 1950

    Servall Drivers

    In the photo on the left is Cecil Walters and...
  • 1951

    Third Generation Begins

    In 1951, brothers George and Doug Dudley joined the company....
  • 1951-1968

    Darrel D. Dudley Era

    Years as President: 1951-1968
    Darrel D. Dudley was George M. Dudley’s son. He started...
  • 1952-1997

    Doug Dudley

    Years as Secretary Treasurer: 1952-1997
    Doug attended UNL and returned to Norfolk and the business...
  • 1968-1998

    George R. Dudley Era

    Years as President: 1968-1998
    George R. Dudley graduated from UNL in 1951 and returned...
  • 1981

    Bob Dudley & Lyle Benish

    Inspecting the flat-work-ironer.
  • 1983

    Fourth Generation Begins

    In 1983 Bob Dudley joined the company. (Fourth Generation)
  • 1992

    Brad Dudley

    Brad, fourth generation, graduated from Portland State University. After graduating,...
  • 1994

    Servall Towel & Uniform

    Pictured is Chet Weideman, a Servall representative.
  • 1994

    Servall Fleet

    Shown is our fleet of Servall vehicles.
  • 1998-Today

    Bob Dudley Era

    Years as President: 1998-Today
    Bob graduated from UNL in 1982 and returned to Norfolk...
  • 2001

    Servall becomes APPEARA

    The company purchased 3 routes from Buhl’s of Yankton and...
  • 2002

    A Major Addition

    The company underwent major renovations and a 10,000 sq.ft. addition...
  • 2003

    The Fire of 2003

    A fire started in the soil sort area destroying that...
  • 2003

    Dudley Dry Cleaning

    Dudley Dry Cleaning office discontinued service in 2003.
  • 2003

    A Major Addition

    The completed addition included an automated wash aisle, fire sprinkler...
  • 2006

    90th Anniversary

    Shown is our company photo for our 90th Anniversary in...
  • 2016

    100 Years of Service

    This year marks APPEARA’s 100th. We are grateful to everyone...

The origin of APPEARA‘s parent company, Dudley Laundry, dates back to 1916 when George M. Dudley started a family laundry business. Dudley Laundry had its humble beginnings in a frame building with a handful of hard working Norfolk residents. The original building sat on land that had been used as a transfer station. Darrel Dudley, George’s son, worked in his father’s laundry after school and during his summer vacations and was part of the growth of northeast Nebraska’s most up-to-date cleaning establishments, Dudley’s Dry Cleaners & Launderers.

APPEARA, formerly known as Servall Towel & Uniform, had its origins in 1936 when Darrel Dudley recognized a need for linen supply in the food service industry. The textile rental business has changed tremendously over the years and APPEARA has evolved to meet those needs. Today, in addition to its linen supply business, the company rents and services over 500 products, including linen products to the hospitality market, uniforms to the industrial market, dust control services and business apparel to all types of commercial businesses.

APPEARA remains an independently owned business headed by Bob Dudley, its fourth generation president. APPEARA is able to offer competitive pricing through the purchasing power of Central States Network. Central States is an alliance of more than 150 independent launderers from across the nation that are able to get the best pricing available through their cooperative purchasing.