Janitorial Supplies

In today’s busy workplace, your time can be better spent on more important tasks than stocking janitorial supplies. APPEARA can help! Along with an extensive line of quality products, we offer free installation of dispensers and will help you keep them constantly supplied and in good working order.

Choose from our assorted selection of janitorial supplies options below to learn more. We have many options to choose from that range from air fresheners, hand soap, sanitizer, paper hand towels, and toilet paper.

Air Fresheners

APPEARA provides and installs six different fragrances.

Hand Soap and Sanitizer

Our antibacterial products are available for any purpose or setting.

Paper Hand Towels

APPEARA offers a wide variety of paper towels and dispensers to suit any setting and use.

Toilet Paper

APPEARA offers quality, affordable toilet paper to include a variety of dispensers.