In 1999, Vermeer High Plains found the need to start using a uniform and rug service for our business and employees.  After using two companies from 1999 until 2013, we made a decision to try a third company.  Our reasoning was, there had to be a better company – we had constant issues with shortage of uniforms, worn out and not being replaced, and the list goes on.

A gentleman with a company called APPEARA stopped by one day.  We talked about the issues we were having, and he replied, “we are different.”  With their pricing being competitive, we gave them a chance and after two years they have not wavered from their sales pitch.  Their route people have been fantastic, thorough, and professional, as well as their company.  I strongly recommend APPEARA.

– Jeff Naaktgeboren

  Vermeer High Plains

Our company has had a relationship with APPEARA for three years now.  We have been extremely pleased with the quality of service and the accurate, on-time delivery of our uniforms with APPEARA.  From the quoting process through the initial delivery to today, they have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and dependability.  Best of all, they have virtually eliminated the administrative headaches we experienced with our previous uniform vendor.  I highly recommend APPEARA to anyone who may be considering their services.

– Brad De Boer

  Director of HR & Admin Services

  Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc.

This is a letter on the quality of service and professionalism that has been provided by APPEARA over the last 2 years since they won our contract from a fellow competitor.  We had used their competitor for 6 years and found the same issues coming up over and over again.  When we awarded the contract to APPEARA we have had nothing but total cooperation and professionalism on any issue that has come up.  We set a price and that is what has been maintained were in the past there always seemed to be additional charges with their competitor.  Our driver who picks up our clothes weekly is very prompt and very good at explaining things that need to be addressed instead of just seeing it on a bill with no explanation.  Whenever we add or want to delete something in the contract they have made those issues very easy to deal with.  We hope to have a very long relationship with APPEARA because of the quality of service that they bring everyday.

– Mark Huntley

  Public Works Director

  City of Sergeant Bluff, IA

I have experienced great service from APPEARA for my uniforms!  I have used several linen companies in the past with your typical billing and lost errors.  I have had zero billing errors in 2 years.  Drivers are very great at communication with me and fill all my requests.

– Heith Thoreson

  Service Manager

  Allied Oil & Tire Company

We have worked with APPEARA the last few years.  They always have time for us.  They have some of the best staff around, a real pleasure to work with!

– Atomic Number Web Design